Here are some screenshots of my project: Pokedex

Here is a project I worked on during the last week of summer vacation before starting sophomore year at Stony Brook. Currently, it still has parts that need to be fixed/implemented (planning on using PreparedStatements, to get used defending against possible SQL Injections, and autocomplete search function later on using a tree data structure). More screenshots to be added later! Just been busy since starting school again.

It contains the original 150 Pokémon (Bulbasaur to Mewtwo). My project is based on a Pokedex , a small, red encyclopedia device used for storing Pokémon information. My Pokedex contains the original 150 Pokémon (from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo) and was built using PHP, to retrieve data from Poké, SQLite, to store the data from Poké, and Java, to read the data from the database (using the Java Database Connector) and design the Pokédex GUI (using the JavaFX framework).


I decided to brush up on my PHP skills by creating a small application that retrieves data from an API (Pokeapi) For my Pokedex, I decided to pull in data for the name, type(s), weight, height, and number of the Pokemon from the web service, so I made variables to hold the data ($pokemonName, $pokemonType, $pokemonType2, etc.). Then I instantiated a new SQLite database called "pokebase.sql", and created a new table inside of it ("poketable"). In the table, I set various data elements of different types, which I later use to store the information into from the API.


Now here is where a lot of the important data pulling from the API stuff happens. I only wanted to store the first generation Pokemon (the original 150) into my Pokedex, so I ran a while loop up to 150. With the help of the $pokemonCounter in the while loop, the link of the Pokemon is stored into the variable $pokemonGET2. Then I use the file_get_contents so I can store all the data for that Pokemon as a String value into the variable $pokeread. Using the variable $pokeConvert, I ran the function json_decode to convert the $pokeread String into an array making it more convenient for me to pick out which data I want to use.


Here I insert the data of the Pokemon read from the API into the database before updating the counter for the while loop.


I downloaded the browser tool "SQLite Manager" for Firefox - a very useful GUI for me to view the contents of my database, and check if everything's stored correctly.


Now I decided to transition over to Java so I can create the desktop application for my Pokedex. (I simply moved over my pokebase.sql file to my Eclipse project). This is where I downloaded the Java Database Connector (JDBC) so I can pull data out of my SQLite file, and use in my program. As you can see, I used the technique: method overload. I had two methods that were almost identical, one method gets data by the name, and the other method gets data by the counter/number. Since the methods were very similar, I pipelined them into a single method, byId(...). Note: this is in the SQLConnector class.


Here the String data, "SQLcommand" gets ran into the byId(...) method -- this is where our database connection gets opened, and data is pulled out and stored into my instance variables for later use.


Here is a snippet of code from I created EventHandlers for both the previous and next buttons for my Pokedex -- I created the previous button to only work if the counter is greater than 1 (so it will stop on Bulbasaur). Each time the button is successfully clicked, the image and various other data gets removed/updated according to the Pokemon before it. (Screenshots of the different method implementations will be shown later). The next button is very similar to the previous button in concept, but the counter gets added instead of subtracted, and the greatest number the counter can get up to is 150 (hence it will stop after reaching Mewtwo).


EventHandler for the search button is shown above. My program retrieves the input by the user through the search bar, and the input (being name of a Pokemon) is then used to retrieve all of the data from the Pokemon to be displayed onto the GUI. (This is where some errors may occur -- if a user enters a name incorrectly, the ResultSet closes and this will crash the program. I will need to fix this later on, along with using )